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Dr. Mane Cudic
CEO / Director Operations & Human Resources
+49 (0)6232 8724 - 500
+49 (0)163 777 03 07

Following his doctorate in chemistry at the Technical University of Munich, Dr Mane Cudic found immediate employment in the pharmaceutical branch in 1996.

He commenced his career as a field service representative at the service provider Innovex, in a project for Pfizer, and shortly thereafter received a permanent appointment from the customer. Within the context of this activity, Dr Mane Cudic was employed in the field of medical specialists and clinics as a field service representative, before once again commencing work at Innovex in 1999, as the regional manager for "Recruiting South".

With the founding of pharmexx GmbH, he moved to the new company in 2000, back then also under the management of Sybille Queißer. Following his career as a regional and project manager, he left pharmexx in 2006 to join sellxpert as a partner, alongside Volker Maile and Sybille Queißer.

Dr Mane Cudic has been CEO since August 2014 and the director of the business units Operations (Project Management) & Human Resources at sellxpert.