Our mission statement:

People as an active agent. Values which we put into practice.

Our brand promise:

What makes us so special, in addition to a clear perspective of the healthcare market, is our great passion for sales. We achieve a lot because we hold a unique position and people are considered the best and most sustainable active agent at the centre of our actions.

Our company goal:

Sustainable, healthy and profitable company growth which is in harmony with our strong values.

Our values, the 8 human active agents:

  1. Every individual is a genuine expert.
  2. Creating added value from personality.
  3. Durability through culture brought to life.
  4. Authentic due to real values.
  5. Success through the power of experience.
  6. Strength from knowledge about responsibility.
  7. Unique through continuous precision work.
  8. Enthusiasm through the paths of the future.

We are sellxpert. Dynamic, individual, strong.

You can get more information on our values and our mission statement at: