Blended Learning

Blended Learning with a structure, flexibility and out-the-job-training!

The sellxpert academy is based upon the principles of “blended learning”, which combines conventional seminars and online learning (e-learing).
Our advanced trainings use the advantages of both possible models:

At the seminars the participants get to know each other and learn the basics, just to be able to use their time flexible at home to work on the lessons. They always have the chance to evaluate their knowledge for themselves.

The content of the respective courses is conveyed in an experienced-oriented way:

  • Presentations for the visual type of participants
  • Chatrooms and phone calls for the additive types
  • Interactive exercises for action oriented people

At regular online appointments the participants get the chance to work with people and discuss with the plenary or the working group. The people have partake in the online appointments in order to pass the seminar.
To complete and pass they seminar every participant has to present an own project at the end of the course. Even two months after the end of the seminar the people have help at their work. In addition to this measures, the successful participant will receive additional support “in their field” for another two months after completion.