Application tips

Success factors for your application.

Your qualification profile is the first impression, almost your calling card, which your potential new employer receives by you. This primarily play a role in the decision to offer an invitation to a job interview.

Due to our many years of professional experience, we know what is important and in what form for sales force decision makers. We are happy to have compiled some major and helpful tips on creating and preparing your documents.

In general: A clear structure, meaningful information and completeness are the factors of success in an application.

Your curriculum vitae

  • Two columns and tabular form.
  • Please list your current position first, non-chronological order.
  • Indicate your positions (for example area, indication(s), successes)
  • Please list your language skills and level.
  • Time information is always without gaps, including the month and year (for example 03/2013 - 05/2014)
  • Please present job evaluations, degrees and certificates in the order of the positions mentioned in the curriculum vitae.
  • Header or footer with important contact data (name, mobile phone number, e-mail)

Your application photo

  • A professional and current photo.
  • Placement on the cover page and/or curriculum vitae.

Your introduction letter

  • Short, to-the-point and on one page.
  • Ideally this includes your main indication experience.
  • Your desired area should be included.
  • Your competencies, motivation and other skills should be presented to the reader.
  • As a supplement: Indicate your availability.

Conventional file formats and sizes

  • PDF or .doc (Word)
  • Clear, legible, files labelled according to the professional stages (curriculum vitae, job performance evaluations etc.)
  • You can feel free to summarise the individual documents into one file.
  • File size(s) in total not larger than 5 MB. Please avoid high resolution scans!

Application process
You have found the right vacancy and would like to apply at our company? Then we are looking forward to receiving your complete documents. If no position is currently of interest to you, you can of course apply with us unsolicited.
You have the choice of three application options:

  1. We prefer you to send us your application by e-mail. Our address for online applications is In addition to a strong and resonant introduction letter, we require your curriculum vitae with monthly information as well as your job evaluations and proof of education. Ideally you can send us your application summarised in the least number of documents as possible,  e.g. "introduction letter", "curriculum vitae" and "job evaluations" in one file (PDF writers are available as free downloads on the Internet, e.g. under Your file should not exceed 5MB.
  2. Alternatively you can use our application form.
  3. If you would like to send your documents by mail, please send them to:
    sellxpert GmbH & Co. KG
    Gutenbergstr. 4
    67346 Speyer, Germany

Please avoid the use of double-sided copies of job evaluations and transparent document sleeves.

It does not matter if you are applying for a certain vacancy or unsolicited: we always compare your profile to our vacancies. It is therefore not necessary for you to apply to us more than once. You can feel free to refer to all interesting vacancies in your introduction letter.

If your application fits a vacant position, we will initially invite you to a personal job interview. This not only gives us the opportunity to personally meet you but also vice versa of course.

If there is no appropriate vacancy for you at the time of your application, we save your data in our applicant management system so that we can contact you at a later time.