Our career offer

Everyone a real expert:  Our career offering.

Qualified staff and experts are strongly in demand by our customers. In a competiton-based market, the goal is to continuosly further develop your skills an abilities: particularly in areas with a high level of specialisation.

As a sales force service provider, we have made it our goal to offer vacancies and projects which allow you to use your skills and abilities in a very professional manner and be able to further develop them. Here sellxpert Germany is very interested in a long-term collaboration. Benefit from our benefits such as a permanent employment agreement, company car (even for private use) and provisions as a thirteenth monthly salary.

  • Our career offering encompasses the following areas:

  • Practice, clinic, special field service

  • OTC (pharmaceutical field service)

  • People new do field / Career changers

  • MPC (Medical product consultant)

  • KAM, Medical Manager

  • Sales/regional manager 

  • Freelancer

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